Bills Committee on Chief Executive Election Bill

Tenth meeting to be held on Thursday, 31 May 2001
from 8:30 am to 12:45 pm in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with Administration

  2. (8:30 am - 12:45 pm)

    (a)Matters arising

    LC Paper No. LS102/00-01-Paper on " Power of the Central People's Government under the Basic Law to revoke the appointment of the Chief Executive" prepared by Legal Service Division

    LC Paper No. CB(2)1677/00-01(01)-Administration's response to issues raised at the meeting on 29 May 2001

    (b)Discussion of major areas of the Bill

    From item VII onwards (please refer to the attached Appendix)

  3. Date of next meeting

  4. The next meeting will be held at 8:30 am on 5 June 2001.
Legislative Council Secretariat
30 May 2001


Papers issued for
Bills Committee on Chief Executive Election Bill
(as at 30 May 2001)

Major areas Paper No.


(1)LegCo BriefCAB C5/1
(2)LSD ReportLS71/00-01
(3)Speech by SCA to move Second Reading of the BillCB(2)1174/00-01(02)
(4)Paper on "Provisions of the Bill not prescribed under the Basic Law" prepared by ALALS83/00-01 (issued videCB(2)1217/00-01)
(5)Comparison of the Basic Law and the BillCB(2)1318/00-01(01)
(6)Comparison of the Bill and LegCo OrdinanceCB(2)1217/00-01(04)
(7)ALA's letters dated 29 March and 24 April 2001 to Administration seeking comments on issues relating to the BillCB(2)1327/00-01(01) and
(8)Nature of the BillItem 2 of CB(2)1647/00-01(01)

II.Election Committee (EC)

(1)Overlapping membershipItem 1 of CB(2)1352/00-01(01)
Item 6 of CB(2)1405/00-01(01)
(2)Information on the EC formed in July 2000Item 2 of CB(2)1352/00-01(01)
(3)Eligibility criteria for candidature at subsector election - clause 17(3) of schedule Item 3 of CB(2)1352/00-01(01)
(4)Legality of clause 8(3)Item 4 of CB(2)1352/00-01(01)

III.Polling date

(1)Pros and cons of various options for determining the polling dateItem 5 of CB(2)1352/00-01(01)Item 1 of CB(2)1405/00-01(01)
(2)Polling date - Thursday or SundayCB(2)1443/00-01(01)
(3)Easter holidays for the next five CE electionsItem 1 of CB(2)1518/00-01(01)

IV.Appointment of CE

(1)Six-month period referred to in BL53Item 2 of CB(2)1405/00-01(01)
(2)Time schedule and procedure for appointmentItems 3 - 5 of CB(2)1405/00-01(01)
(3)Time taken to appoint the first CEItem 2 of CB(2)1518/00-01(01)
(4)Legal basis for CPG to revoke appointmentItem 4 of CB(2)1518/00-01(01)
(5)Proposed amendment to clause 4(c) Items 1 - 3 of CB(2)1587/00-01(01)
(6)Power of removal - legal source, constraints etc.Item 1 of CB(2)1647/00-01(01)
(7)Redress in courts in respect of a decision of removalItem 3 of CB(2)1647/00-01(01)

V.Eligibility criteria for being a candidate for CE Election

(1)Requirement for judicial officers in foreign countries to resign before running in electionsItem 1 of CB(2)1352/00-01(02)
(2)Eligibility of senior judicial officersItem 3 of CB(2)1518/00-01(01)
(3)Eligibility of holders of Taiwan Entry Permits and other temporary entry permits Items 1- 2 of CB(2)1613/00-01(01)
(4)Disqualification of CE after assuming officeItem 3 of CB(2)1613/00-01(01)
(5)Eligibility of BNO passport holdersItem 4 of CB(2)1613/00-01(01)
(6)Document of Preparatory Committee on the selection of the first term CE and UK and Chinese Memoranda on status of BDTC passport holdersCB(2)1618/00-01(01) and (02)
(7)Extract from "Constitutional and Administrative Law in Hong Kong by Professor Peter Wesley-Smith"



VII.Withdrawal of candidature

VIII.Voting method

IX.Election petitions and judicial review

(1)Differences between the leapfrog procedure proposed in the Bill vis-a-vis that proposed in the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal (A) Bill to be introduced

Item 2 of CB(2)1352/00-01(02)

X.Election expenses limit

(1)Administration's responseItem 5 of CB(2)1235/00-01(01)

XI.Application of anti-bribery legislation to CE election

(1)Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance (ECICO) CB(2)1217/00-01(03)

XII.Regulation of election-related activities

(1)Electoral guidelines for CE electionItem 1 of CB(2)1235/00-01(01)
(2)Regulating electioneering activities of an incumbent CE Item 3 of CB(2)1235/00-01(01)
(3)Restriction on election campaigning undertaken by members of a political party to a fellow member being a candidate

Item 4 of CB(2)1235/00-01(01)

XIII.Guidelines on participation of senior government officials in electioneering activities of CE election

(1)Administration's responseItem 2 of CB(2)1235/00-01(01)