A 00/01-1(1)

Legislative Council


Wednesday 4 October 2000 at 2:30 pm

I. Taking of Legislative Council Oath

Hon Kenneth TING Woo-shou-Legislative Council Oath
Hon James TIEN Pei-chun-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon David CHU Yu-lin-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Cyd HO Sau-lan-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon Albert HO Chun-yan-Legislative Council Oath
Ir Dr Hon Raymond HO Chung-tai-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LEE Cheuk-yan-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Martin LEE Chu-ming-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Eric LI Ka-cheung-Legislative Council Affirmation
Dr Hon David LI Kwok-po-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Fred LI Wah-ming-Legislative Council Oath
Dr Hon LUI Ming-wah-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon NG Leung-sing-Legislative Council Oath
Prof Hon NG Ching-fai-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon Margaret NG-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Mrs Selina CHOW LIANG Shuk-yee-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon Mrs Rita FAN HSU Lai-tai-Legislative Council Oath
Hon James TO Kun-sun-Legislative Council Oath
Hon CHEUNG Man-kwong-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon HUI Cheung-ching-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon CHAN Kwok-keung-Legislative Council Oath
Hon CHAN Yuen-han-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon Bernard CHAN-Legislative Council Oath
Hon CHAN Kam-lam-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Mrs Sophie LEUNG LAU Yau-fun-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon SIN Chung-kai-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Andrew WONG Wang-fat-Legislative Council Oath
Dr Hon Philip WONG Yu-hong-Legislative Council Oath
Hon WONG Yung-kan-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Jasper TSANG Yok-sing-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Howard YOUNG-Legislative Council Oath
Dr Hon YEUNG Sum-Legislative Council Oath
Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LAU Chin-shek-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LAU Kong-wah-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LAU Wong-fat-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Mrs Miriam LAU Kin-yee-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Ambrose LAU Hon-chuen-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Emily LAU Wai-hing-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon CHOY So-yuk-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Andrew CHENG Kar-foo-Legislative Council Oath
Hon SZETO Wah-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Timothy FOK Tsun-ting-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon LAW Chi-kwong-Legislative Council Oath
Hon TAM Yiu-chung-Legislative Council Oath
Dr Hon TANG Siu-tong-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Abraham SHEK Lai-him-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LI Fung-ying-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Henry WU King-cheong-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Tommy CHEUNG Yu-yan-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Michael MAK Kwok-fung -Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon Albert CHAN Wai-yip-Legislative Council Affirmation
Hon LEUNG Fu-wah-Legislative Council Affirmation
Dr Hon LO Wing-lok-Legislative Council Oath
Hon WONG Sing-chi-Legislative Council Oath
Hon Frederick FUNG Kin-kee-Legislative Council Oath
Hon IP Kwok-him-Legislative Council Oath
Hon LAU Ping-cheung-Legislative Council Oath

II. Election of President

The Procedure for the election of the President of the Legislative Council is set out in the Schedule to the Rules of Procedure.

III. Tabling of Papers

Subsidiary Legislation / InstrumentsL.N. No.
1.Solicitors' Accounts (Amendment) Rules 2000

2.Tax Reserve Certificates (Rate of Interest) (No. 6) Notice 2000

3.Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Ordinance 2000 (42 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

4.Designation of Museums (Amendment) Order 2000

5.Customs and Excise Service Children's Education Trust Fund Ordinance (Cap.551) (Commencement) Notice 2000

6.Building Management (Amendment) Ordinance 2000 (69 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

7.Dutiable Commodities (Amendment) Ordinance 2000 (57 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

8.Dutiable Commodities (Exempted Quantities) Notice

9.Employees' Compensation (Amendment) (No. 2) Ordinance 2000 (52 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

10.Tax Reserve Certificates (Rate of Interest) (No. 7) Notice 2000

11.District Court (Amendment) Ordinance 2000 (28 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

12.Rules of the District Court (L.N. 186 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000 248/2000
13.District Court Civil Procedure (Fees) (Amendment) Rules 2000 (L.N. 187 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

14.Chinese Medicine Ordinance (Cap. 549) (Commencement) Notice 2000

15.Chinese Medicine Practitioners (Fees) Regulation (L.N. 153 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

16.Chinese Medicine Practitioners (Registration) Regulation (L.N. 154 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

17.Chinese Medicine Practitioners (Discipline) Regulation (L.N. 155 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

18.Financial Resources Rules (Exemption) (No. 2) Notice 2000

19.Antiquities and Monuments (Declaration of Historical Buildings) Notice 2000

20.Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Civic Centres) (Amendment of Thirteenth Schedule) (No.2) Order 2000

21.Statutes of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Amendment) Statutes 2000

22.Tax Reserve Certificates (Rate of Interest) (No. 8) Notice 2000

23.Buildings (Amendment) Ordinance 2000 (39 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000

24.Employees Retraining Ordinance (Amendment of Schedule 2) Notice 2000

25.Electronic Transactions (Exclusion) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2000

26.Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Public Markets) (Designation and Amendment of Tenth Schedule) Order 2000

27.Declaration of Markets Notice (Amendment) Declaration 2000

28.Foreign Lawyers Practice (Amendment) Rules 2000

29.Solicitors' Practice (Amendment) (No. 2) Rules 2000

30.Solicitors' Practice (Amendment) (No. 3) Rules 2000

31.Banking Ordinance (Declaration under Section 2(14)(d)) (No. 2) Notice 1997 (Repeal) Notice 2000

32.Tax Reserve Certificates (Rate of Interest) (No. 9) Notice 2000

33.Witness Protection Ordinance (67 of 2000) (Commencement) Notice 2000


Other Papers

1. No.1 -Land Development CorporationAnnual Report 1999-2000
(to be presented by Financial Secretary)

2. No.2 -Report by the Commissioner of Correctional Services on the administration of the Prisoners' Welfare Fund for the year ended 31 March 2000
(to be presented by Secretary for Security)

Clerk to the Legislative Council