Subcommittee on Fixed Penalty
(Criminal Proceedings) (Amendment) (No.3) Regulation and
Resolution of the Legislative Council (L.N. 206 of 2000)
(Commencement) Notice 2000

Fourth Meeting on Tuesday, 21 November 2000 at 8:30 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with deputations

  2. (8:30 am
    - 9:30 am)
    (a) Civic Exchange
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 285/00-01(01) (in English only) - issued]

    (b) Clear the Air
    [LC Paper Nos. CB(2) 285/00-01(02) (in English only) - issued
    and CB(2) 309/00-01(01) attached]

    (c) Green Power
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 309/00-01(02) (in English only) - attached]

    (d) Friends of the Earth
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 309/00-01(03) (in English only) - attached]

    (e) Private Sector Committee on the Environment
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 309/00-01(04) (in English only) - attached]

    (f) Dr Brian F Walker
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 285/00-01(03) (in English only) - issued]

    (g) Mr John Jarman

    Written submissions

    (a) Letter dated 20 November 2000 from Mr Edward Williams
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 309/00-01(05) (in English only) - attached]

    (b) Letter dated 20 November 2000 from Mr Dellie Woodring
    [LC Paper No. CB(2) 309/00-01(06) (in English only) - attached]

    • Meeting with the Administration

    • (9:30 am - 10:30 am)
    [LC Paper Nos. CB(2) 180/00-01(01) and CB(2) 251/00-01(01) - issued]

    Legislative Council Secretariat
    20 November 2000