bullet Papers

Market facilities

  • Administration's discussion paper on "Management of public markets[CB(2) 1852/00-01 (02)](18 June 2001)

  • Administration's information paper on "Proposed arrangement for stallholders in Central Market"[CB(2) 1783/00-01 (01)](18 June 2001)

  • Administration's paper on alignment of market rental adjustment mechanism and other related matters[CB(2)1642/00-01(03)](28 May 2001)

  • Administration's presentation materials on "Alignment of market rental adjustment mechanism"(Chinese version only)[CB(2) 1683/00-01 (01)](28 May 2001)

  • Administration's paper on "Relocation of the Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market" [CB(2) 741/00-01(03)](22 January 2001)

  • Administration's paper on "Proposed arrangement for Stallholders in Central Market" [CB(2) 485/00-01(01)](8 January 2001)

  • Joint submission from the Hong Kong Fresh Meat Merchants' Association and Pork Traders General Association on "Policy issues relating to the proposed arrangement for stallholders in Central Market" (Chinese version only)[CB(2)891/00-01(01)](8 January 2001)

  • Papers on "The Central Market" as forwarded by Hon Fred LI (Chinese version only)[CB(2)947/00-01(01)](8 January 2001)

  • Two submissions from a few District Council members and the stallholders in Central Market (Chinese version only)[CB(2) 647/00-01 (01) & (02)](8 January 2001)