LegCo Panel on Home Affairs

Meeting on
Tuesday, 12 December 2000 at 2:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


I.Confirmation of minutes
(2:30 pm - 2:35 pm)

[LC Paper No. CB(2)440/00-01-minutes of meeting on 14 November 2000]

II.Information papers issued since the last meeting

[Paper No. CB(2)238/00-01(01)-Paper entitled "Work of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department" provided by the Administration (issued on 13 November 2000)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)253/00-01-Proceedings of the Conference on "Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value" organized by the Equal Opportunities Commission (issued on 14 November 2000)]

III.Items for discussion at the next meeting
(2:35 pm - 2:40 pm)

[Appendix I to LC Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01-List of discussion items suggested for future meetings]

[Appendix II to LC Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01-List of follow-up actions]

IV.Discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation
(2:40 pm - 4:00 pm)

  1. Meeting with deputations

    1. Horizons
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(02)]

    2. The Satsanga
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(03) (Chinese version only)]

    3. Rainbow Action
      [Paper No. CB(2)460/00-01(01) (Chinese version only)]

    4. Rainbow of Hong Kong

    5. Association for the Advancement of Feminism
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(04) (Chinese version only)]

    6. Civil Rights for Sexual Diversities
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(05)]

    7. Movement Against Discrimination
      [Paper No. CB(2)480/00-01(01) (Chinese version only)]

    8. Society for Truth and Light Ltd
      [Paper No. CB(2)460/00-01(04) (Chinese version only)]

    9. Hong Kong Women Christian Council (submission to follow)

    10. Hong Kong Christian Institute
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(06)]

    11. Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong Ltd
      [Paper No. CB(2)460/00-01(03) (Chinese version only)]

    12. Chi Heng Foundation
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(07)]

    13. Hong Kong Blessed Minority Christian Fellowship
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(09)]

    14. Hong Kong Ten Percent Club
      [Paper No. CB(2)460/00-01(02) (Chinese version only)]

    15. Dr Andy CHIU
      [Paper No. CB(2)480/00-01(02) (Chinese version only)]

    Written submission received

    1. Queer Sisters
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(08) (Chinese version only)]

    2. International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
      [Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(10)]

  2. Meeting with the Administration

[Paper No. CB(2)207/00-01(01)-paper provided by the Administration (previously issued for the meeting on 14 November 2000)]

V.Library policies and progress of building the new Hong Kong Central Library
(4:00 pm - 4:25 pm)

[Paper No. CB(2)435/00-01(01)-paper provided by the Administration]

VI.Any other business
(from 4:25 pm onwards)

Legislative Council Secretariat
12 December 2000