LegCo Panel on Home Affairs

Subcommittee on review of the Building Management Ordinance

Meeting on
Wednesday, 23 May 2001 at 10:45 am
in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building


I.Matters arising from last meeting

-Reply letter of 14 May 2001 from the Administration
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(01)]

-List of issues to be discussed by the Subcommittee
[Appendix to LC Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01]

II.Any other business

Written submissions received

(1)The Incorporated Owners of Jubilee Garden (Shatin)
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(02) (in Chinese only)]

(2)The Incorporated Owners of Rhine Garden
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(03) (Chinese translation to follow)]

[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(04) (in Chinese only)]

(4)Hong Lok Yuen Property Management Co Ltd
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(05) (Chinese translation to follow)]

(5)Fairview Park Property Management Ltd
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(06)(Chinese translation to follow)]

(6)Kai Shing Management Services Limited
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(07) (Chinese translation to follow)]

(7)Hong Kong Resort Company Limited
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(08) (Chinese translation to follow)]

(8)Joint submission of the Hong Kong Association of Property Management Companies, the Hong Kong Institute of Housing, Hong Kong Institute of Real Estate Administration and the Chartered Institute of Housing Hong Kong Branch
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(09) (Chinese translation to follow)]

(9)Association for Owners' Building Management Right
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(10) (in Chinese only)]

(10)Public housing hotline
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(11) (in Chinese only)

(11)Mr K O LAI
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(12) (in Chinese only)]

(12)Mr CHAN Wing-wai
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(13) and (14) (both in Chinese only)]

(13)Mr Y F LIU
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(15) (in Chinese only)]

(14)Mr Thomas CHAN
[Paper No. CB(2)1606/00-01(16) (Chinese translation to follow)]

Legislative Council Secretariat
21 May 2001