LegCo Panel on Information Technology & Broadcasting

Meeting on
Monday, 12 February 2001, at 2:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Revised Agenda

IConfirmation of minutes of meeting and matters arising

LC Paper No. CB(1)571/00-01--Minutes of the Panel meeting held on 8 January 2001 (issued)

LC Paper No. CB(1)543/00-01(01)--the Panel's list of follow-up actions (as at February 2001) (issued)

IIInformation paper issued since last meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1)540/00-01--2001 edition of the 'Guide to Filming in Hong Kong'

IIIDate and items for discussion for next meeting
(2:30 pm - 2:35 pm)

IVInterconnection issues

- Meeting with deputations
(2:35 pm - 3:40 pm)

Wireline Based FTNS Operators

  • Hutchison Global Crossing Ltd.
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)543/00-01(02) issued on 6 February 2001) (English version only)

  • New T & T Hong Kong Ltd
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)423/00-01 issued on 6 January 2001) (English version only)
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)560/00-01 issued on 8 February 2001) (English version only)

  • New World Telephone Ltd.
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)424/00-01 issued on 8 January 2001) (English version only)

  • PCCW-HKT Limited
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)429/00-01(01) issued on 8 January 2001) (English version only)
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)548/00-01 issued on 7 February 2001)
Local Wireless FTNS Operators

External service FTNS operator

  • Level 3 Communications Ltd.
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)574/00-01) (English version only)
Other organization

  • Consumer Council
    (Submission to be tabled)
- Meeting with the Administration
(3:40 pm - 4:10 pm)
    (LC Paper No. CB(1)397/00-01 issued on 5 January 2001)

    (LC Paper No. CB(1)565/00-01(01)) - "Responses to the submissions made by operators of fixed telecommunications network services on Interconnection issues" (issued on 9 February 2001)

    (LC Paper No. CB(1)565/00-01(02)) - "Coverage of the networks and services of the three new wireline-based local fixed telecommunications network services operators up to the end of 2002" (issued on 9 February 2001)

    (LC Paper No. CB(1)565/00-01(03)) - "Tariff control for local telephone line services after the end of 2001" (issued on 9 February 2001)
*VTelecommunications (Amendment) Bill 2001
(4:10 pm - 4:30 pm)

The relevant LegCo Brief (File Ref.: ITBB CR 7/23/10(01)) issued on 8 February 2001

VIAny other business

* Non-Panel members are invited to take part in the discussion of this item.

Legislative Council Secretariat
12 February 2001