LegCo Panel on Transport

Special meeting on
Friday, 21 September 2001, at 9:00 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building

Revsied agenda

*I. To receive public views on Route 7
(9:00 am - 12:30 pm)

[LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(01) - Background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat (issued)]
- Meeting with individuals and deputations
    First session
    (9:00 am - 10:30 am)

  1. Hong Kong Institute of Planners
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(10) (issued)]

  2. The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers

  3. Citizens Party

  4. Save Our Shorelines Society
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(08) (issued)]

  5. Clear The Air
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(09) (issued)]

  6. The Duchess of Kent Children's Hospital
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(04) (issued)]

  7. Society for Protection of the Harbour Limited

  8. The Conservancy Association
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(12) (issued)]

  9. Mr John MANSFIELD
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(13) (issued)]

Second session
(10:30 am - 12:00 noon)

  1. Southern District Council
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(02) (issued)]

  2. Central & Western District Council
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(07) (issued)]

  3. Wanchai District Council

  4. The In-Corporation Owners of Grandviews Garden
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(03) (issued)]

  5. Wong Chuk Hang Women Association
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(04) (issued)]

  6. Wong Chuk Hang Estate 10 Block M.A.C.
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(05) (issued)]

  7. M.A.C. of Wong Chuk Hang Estate Blk. 4
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(06) (issued)]

  8. South Horizons Estate Owner's Committee

  9. Shek Pai Wan [Tin Wan] Kaifong Welfare Association

  10. Aberdeen Inhabitants Union Association Ltd.

  11. Kellet Bay Women's Association

  12. The Hong Kong Southern District Alliance

  13. The Hong Kong Southern District Community Association Ltd.
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2033/00-01(01) (issued)]

Written submission from the following individuals / organizations which are not available to attend the meeting:

  1. Mr Peter CUNICH of the Department of History, The University of Hong Kong
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(01) (issued)]

  2. Mr Sydney CHU
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(02) (issued)]

  3. Dr Gerard A. POSTIGLIONE
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(03) (issued)]

  4. The Incorporated Owners of Nos. 33 & 35 Bisney Road
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(05) (issued)]

  5. Mr David HIGGINS of the Department of Pathology, The University of Hong Kong
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1897/00-01(06) (issued)]

  6. Prof. Y.S. LI, Chair Professor and Head, Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(01) (issued)]

  7. The Incorporate Owners of 18-22 Crown Terrace
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(02) (issued)]

  8. Mr Stephen BROWN
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(03) (issued)]

  9. Mr Richard WALKER & Mrs Katrina WALKER
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(04) (issued)]

  10. Mr Allan Dyer
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(05) (issued)]

  11. Mr T C CHU
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(06) (issued)]

  12. Mr John SO
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(07) (issued)]

  13. Mr James TANG
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(08) (issued)]

  14. Mr W TELFER
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(09) (issued)]

  15. Ms Joyce WONG
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(10) (issued)]

  16. Ms Carmen
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(11) (issued)]

  17. Ms Allison Lutz WONG
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1965/00-01(14) (issued)]

  18. Friends of the Earth
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(07) (issued)]

  19. The Southern District Owners Incorporation & Owners Association
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2062/00-01(01) (issued)]

  20. Mr Patrick WILSON
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2062/00-01(02) (issued)]
- Wrap-up discussion with the Administration
   (12:00 noon - 12:30 pm)

[LC Paper No. CB(1)1688/00-01(05)-Information paper provided by the Administration for the Transport Panel meeting on 13 July 2001; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)1987/00-01(08)-Supplementary information paper provided by the Administration(issued)]

II.Any other business
(12:30 pm onwards)

*All other Hon Members of LegCo are invited to attend the meeting.

Legislative Council Secretariat
20 September 2001