LegCo Panel on Transport

Meeting on
Friday, 27 April 2001, at 10:45 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Revised agenda

I Confirmation of minutes and matters arising
(10:45 am - 10:50 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)1047/00-01

--Minutes of special meeting on 15 February 2001; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)1017/00-01

--Minutes of joint meeting held with the Environmental Affairs Panel on 27 February 2001

II Information papers issued since last meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1)912/00-01-Area Traffic Control Systems for Tai Po and North Districts;

LC Paper No. CB(1)979/00-01-Submissions on the controlling of idling engines;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1067/00-01-Transport Information System & Journey Time Indication System;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1068/00-01-Creation of one Chief Engineer and one Chief Systems Manager in Transport Department;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1076/00-01(01)-Reconstruction and improvement of Tuen Mun Road;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1077/00-01(01)-Route 9 - Section between Tsing Yi and Cheung Sha Wan and Section between Cheung Sha Wan and Sha Tin;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1078/00-01-West Rail (Phase I) - Essential Public Infrastructure Works for Kam Tin Section - Proposed Road to Kam Sheung Road Station; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)1080/00-01-Submission on ITS Development in Hong Kong

III Items for discussion at the next meeting scheduled for 25 May 2001
(10:50 am - 10:55 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)1059/00-01(01)

--List of outstanding items for discussion; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)1059/00-01(02)

--List of follow-up actions

IV Route 10 -- North Lantau to Yuen Long Highway section between North Lantau and So Kwun Wat
(10:55 am - 11:55 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)647/00-01
(issued on 22 February 2001)

--Information paper provided by the Administration;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1059/00-01(03)

--Information paper provided by the Administration;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1059/00-01(04)

--Submission provided by Save Our Shorelines Society;

LC Paper No. CB(1)1059/00-01(05)

--Submission provided by 反對小欖工程(十號幹線)關注小組 (in Chinese version only);

LC Paper No. CB(1)1086/00-01(01)

--Further submission provided by 反對小欖工程(十號幹線)關注小組 (in Chinese version only);

LC Paper No. CB(1)1103/00-01(01)

--Submission provided by 屯門掃管笏老青山村居民聯會 (in Chinese version only); and

LC Paper No. CB(1)1103/00-01(02)

--Submission provided by the Conservancy Association (in English version only)

Meeting with deputations/the Administration

(a) Save Our Shorelines Society

(b) 反對小欖工程(十號幹線)關注小組

(c) 屯門掃管笏老青山村居民聯會

*V Traffic conditions in Lok Ma Chau
(11:55 am - 12:45 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(1)1059/00-01(06)

--Information paper provided by the Administration; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)1086/00-01(02)

--Site plan of Lok Ma Chau

VI Any other business
(12:45 pm onwards)

*Members of the Panel on Security are invited to attend for discussion on item V.

Legislative Council Secretariat
26 April 2001