Finance Committee Meeting

held on Friday, 23 November 2001 at 2:30 p.m.

ItemPaper No.SubjectResults
1.FCR(2001-02)39Recommendations of the Public Works Subcommittee made on 31 October 2001 -
PWSC(2001-02)63South East Kowloon development Approved
PWSC(2001-02)64South East Kowloon development at Kai Tak Airport Approved
PWSC(2001-02)65Primary school in Ma WanApproved
PWSC(2001-02)66Block allocation Subheads 7014CX and 7015CX under the Capital Works Reserve FundApproved
PWSC(2001-02)67Water supply to South East Kowloon developmentApproved
PWSC(2001-02)68Replacement and rehabilitation of water mainsApproved
PWSC(2001-02)69Water supply to remaining remote villages in the New TerritoriesApproved
PWSC(2001-02)70Water supply to Tai Po South high level areasApproved