Finance Committee Meeting

held on Friday, 7 December 2001 at 2:30 p.m.

ItemPaper No.SubjectResults

1.FCR(2001-02)40Recommendations of the Establishment Subcommittee made on 21 November 2001 -

EC(2001-02)22Creation of one Administrative Officer Staff Grade B in the Offices of the Chief Secretary for Administration and the Financial Secretary of Government Secretariat for a period of two yearsApproved

EC(2001-02)23Retention of one Chief Engineer in the Highways Department up to 31 December 2004Rejected
(Division -
Yes : 21
No : 24
Abstain : 0)

2.FCR(2001-02)41Recommendations of the Public Works Subcommittee made on 14 November 2001 -

PWSC(2001-02)71Two secondary schools and one primary school in Tseung Kwan OApproved

PWSC(2001-02)72Footbridge and road widening at the junction of Hung Mui Kuk Road and Tin Sam Street, Sha TinApproved

PWSC(2001-02)73Remaining engineering infrastructure works for Pak Shek Kok developmentApproved

PWSC(2001-02)74Government complex in Lee On Estate, Area 108, Ma On Shan Approved

PWSC(2001-02)75Water supply to Pak Shek Kok reclamation areaApproved

PWSC(2001-02)76Subhead 9100WX - Waterworks, studies and investigations for items in Category D of the Public Works ProgrammeApproved

PWSC(2001-02)77Purchase and fitting-out of office accommodation for the Beijing OfficeApproved

3.FCR(2001-02)42$150 million loan to the Companies Registry Trading Fund Approved

4.FCR(2001-02)43Adopting the Adjusted Family Income mechanism in place of the Points Scoring System Approved

5.FCR(2001-02)44Supplementary provision for payment of assistance under the School Textbook Assistance SchemeApproved

6.FCR(2001-02)45An enhancement of the rates of the Capacity Enhancement Grant for government and subvented secondary schools Approved

7.FCR(2001-02)46Start-up loan for post-secondary education providers Approved

8.FCR(2001-02)47Modifications to the package of remuneration and allowances for District Council members Approved