Finance Committee Meeting

held on Friday, 11 January 2002 at 2:30 p.m.

ItemPaper No.SubjectResults
1.FCR(2001-02)53Recommendations of the Public Works Subcommittee made on 19 December 2001 -

PWSC(2001-02)86Block Allocations for Heads 701 to 711 under the Capital Works Reserve Fund Approved

PWSC(2001-02)88Tseung Kwan O development, phase II, remaining engineering worksApproved

PWSC(2001-02)89Wan Chai development phase II, engineering worksApproved

2.FCR(2001-02)54Implementation of Phase I of the Updated Information Systems Strategy for the Immigration DepartmentApproved

3.FCR(2001-02)55Development of a New Electoral and Registration SystemApproved

4.FCR(2001-02)56Professional Services Development Assistance SchemeApproved

5.FCR(2001-02)57Facility to cover direct insurers' liability arising from employees' compensation for death or injury caused by terrorist activitiesApproved