Finance Committee Meeting

held on Friday, 12 April 2002 at 2:30 p.m.

ItemPaper No.SubjectResults

1.FCR(2002-03)1Recommendations of the Public Works Subcommittee made on 27 February 2002-

PWSC(2001-02)101 Reconstruction of catchwater channels on Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island Approved

PWSC(2001-02)102 Northeast New Territories village sewerage, phase 2 Approved

PWSC(2001-02)103 Replacement of mechanical and electrical equipment in the Tsuen Wan raw water pumping station Approved

PWSC(2001-02)104 Drainage improvement in Sai Kung Approved

PWSC(2001-02)105 Replacement of cremators at Fu Shan Crematorium, Sha Tin Approved

PWSC(2001-02)106 Construction works for schools in the final phase of the School Improvement Programme Approved

PWSC(2001-02)107 A purpose-designed building for centralised science laboratories, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Approved

PWSC(2001-02)108 Stabilisation of slopes within the university campus, phase 11, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Approved

2.FCR(2002-03)2Ex-graita payment to stallholders affected by the redevelopment of Central Market site Approved

3.FCR(2002-03)3Implementation of the Social Welfare Department's Information Systems Strategy Phase II Approved

4.FCR(2002-03)4Implementation of the Maintenance Works and Laboratory Information Management Systems for the Water Supplies Department Approved