Agenda for
Public Works Subcommittee Meeting
to be held on Wednesday, 28 November 2001
at 10:45 a.m. in Legislative Council Chamber
in the Legislative Council Building

Item No.Subject
Head 701 - Land Acquisition
Head 704 - Drainage
1.PWSC(2001-02)79 1100CA Compensation and ex-gratia allowances in respect of projects in the Public Works Programme
90CD Regulation of Shenzhen River, stage III

Head 707 - New Towns and Urban Area Development
2.PWSC(2001-02)83 332CL West Kowloon Reclamation - main works (remainder)

Head 709 - Waterworks
3.PWSC(2001-02)80 247WF Modernization of mechanical and electrical equipment in Tuen Mun fresh water pumping station

4.PWSC(2001-02)81 243WF Water supply to Sha Tin development areas 34 and 52

Head 703 - Buildings
5.PWSC(2001-02)84 11NG Market and public toilet in Aldrich Bay Reclamation Area

Head 708 - Capital Subventions and Major Systems and Equipment
6.PWSC(2001-02)82 37EF Extension facilities for the clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine at Prince of Wales Hospital

~ End ~