Revised Agenda for
Public Works Subcommittee Meeting
to be held on Wednesday, 19 December 2001
at 10:45 a.m. in Legislative Council Chamber
in the Legislative Council Building

Item No.Subject
1.PWSC(2001-02)86Block Allocations for Heads 701 to 711 under the Capital Works Reserve Fund

Head 707 - New Towns and Urban Area Development

2.PWSC(2001-02)88277CLTseung Kwan O development, phase II, remaining engineering works

3.PWSC(2001-02)89677CLWan Chai development phase II, engineering works

Head 704 - Drainage

4.PWSC(2001-02)87203DSNorth District sewerage

Head 709 - Waterworks

5.PWSC(2001-02)90249WFExpansion of fresh water distribution system in Fanling West

Head 711 - Housing

6.PWSC(2001-02)85645THSai Sha Road widening between Kam Ying Road and future Trunk Road T7 junction

Head 706 - Highways

7.PWSC(2001-02)91745THGrade separation at Light Rail Transit junction LT1 at Tsing Lun Road, Tuen Mun

~ End ~