Revised Agenda for
Public Works Subcommittee Meeting

to be held on Wednesday, 31 October 2001
at 10:45 a.m. in Legislative Council Chamber
in the Legislative Council Building

Item No.Subject
Head 703 - Buildings
1.PWSC(2001-02)65 288EP Primary school in Ma Wan, Tsuen Wan

Head 707 - New Towns and Urban Area Development
2.PWSC(2001-02)64 469CL South East Kowloon development at Kai Tak Airport - early development package

3.PWSC(2001-02)63 465CL South East Kowloon development - waterfront facilities and Kai Tak Nullah / Kwun Tong typhoon shelter reclamation

Head 709 - Waterworks
4.PWSC(2001-02)67 85WC Water supply to South East Kowloon development, stage 1 - works

5.PWSC(2001-02)68 90WC Replacement and rehabilitation of water mains, stage 1 phase 1

6.PWSC(2001-02)69 204WF Water supply to remaining remote villages in the New Territories (scheme nos. 23A, 40 and 50)

7.PWSC(2001-02)70 245WF Water supply to Tai Po South high level areas

Block Allocations
8.PWSC(2001-02)66 Block allocation Subheads 7014CX and 7015CX under the Capital Works Reserve Fund

~ End ~