Subcommittee to study the proposed
accountability system for principal officials and related issues

Meeting on Wednesday, 24 April 2002
at 8:30 am in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Election of Chairman

  2. (8:30 am - 8:35 am)

  3. Meeting with the Administration

  4. (8:35 am - 10:30 am)

    (a)Proposed order and areas for study
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1691/01-02(02))

    (b)Public consultation

    (c)Meeting schedule
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1691/01-02(03))

    Relevant papers issued to the Subcommittee

    (a)Administration's Paper on System of Accountability for Principal Officials (provided to Members at the Council meeting on 17 April 2002)

    (b)Papers relating to Research Report on Restrictions on Activities of Former Heads of Government and Former Senior Members of Government (LC Paper Nos. CB(2)1676/01-02(01), (02), (03) and (04))

    (c)Extracts of Research Report on Process of Appointment of Senior Members of Government in Selected Countries (LC Paper Nos. CB(2)1677/01-02(01), (02) and (03))

    (d)Papers relating to the post of Secretary for Justice (LC Paper Nos. CB(2)1678/01-02(01), (02) and (03))

    (e)Paper on consistency of the proposed system with the Basic Law (LC Paper Nos. CB(2)1679/01-02(01))

    (f)Summary of concerns and views raised at the meetings of the Panel on Constitutional Affairs (LC Paper No. CB(2)1691/01-02(04))

  5. Date of next meeting

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
23 April 2002