Subcommittee on Drug Dependent Persons Treatment
and Rehabilitation Centres (Licensing) Ordinance (10 of 2001)
(Commencement) Notice 2002

Meeting on Tuesday, 5 March 2002 at 8:30 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Meeting with the Administration

  2. -submission from The Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of Drug Abusers (LC Paper No. CB(2)1261/01-02(01)) (English version only)

    -submissions from the Wu Oi Christian Centre
    (LC Paper Nos. CB(2)1261/01-02(02) and CB(2)1322/01-02(04))
    (Chinese version only)

    -submission from the Glorious Praise Fellowship H.K. Ltd.
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1261/01-02(03)) (English version only)

    -submission from the SER Foundation for Humanitarian Aid
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1261/01-02(04)) (English version only)

    -submission from the Christian Zheng Sheng Association Ltd.
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1261/01-02(05)) (Chinese version only)

    -papers provided by the Administration
    (LC Paper Nos. CB(2)1261/01-02(06) and CB(2)1322/01-02(01))

    -submission from the Operation Dawn
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1272/01-02(01)) (Chinese version only)

    -submission from St. Stephen's Society
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1322/01-02(02)) (English version only)

    -submission from The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1322/01-02(03)) (Chinese version only)

    -submission from The Christian New Being Fellowship Ltd
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1322/01-02(05)) (Chinese version only)

    -submission from the Caritas - Hong Kong Family Service
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1338/01-02(01)) (Chinese version only)

    -submission from the Barnabas Charitable Service Association Ltd.
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1338/01-02(02)) (Chinese version only)

    -submission from the Christian New Life Association
    (LC Paper No. CB(2)1338/01-02(03)) (Chinese version only)

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
13 March 2002