The LegCo Reporter
Issue No. 4 (13 June 2002)

At its meeting on 12 June 2002, the Legislative Council passed the following two motions with no legislative effect moved by Members.

The first motion moved by Ir Dr Hon Raymond HO Chung-tai on "Associate degree":

"That, as the Chief Executive proposed in the 2000 Policy Address a rather ambitious target of raising the tertiary education popularization rate to 60% within 10 years, it is expected that the associate degree sector will be the most fast-growing area in the future development of higher education; and as the local higher education sector is undergoing reforms, this Council urges the Government to ensure, in its vigorous pursuit of the target, the quality of associate degrees so that the holders of such degrees can fulfil the requirements for employment and further studies and meet the needs of a knowledge-based economy."

The second motion moved by Hon James TIEN Pei-chun on "Population policy":

"That, in order to enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness and to complement its long-term social and economic developments, this Council urges the Government to expeditiously formulate a comprehensive population policy."