LegCo Panel on Economic Services

Meeting on
Tuesday, 18 December 2001 at 8:30 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


I.Confirmation of minutes and matters arising
(8:30 am - 8:35 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)596/01-02-Minutes of meeting held on 26 November 2001

II.Information papers issued since last meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1)481/01-02(01) -Submission from a Mr Jonathan WONG on "The Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for strengthening Hong Kong as logistics hub";

LC Paper No. CB(1)486/01-02(01) -Tables and graphs showing the import and retail prices of major oil products from November 1999 to October 2001 furnished by the Census and Statistics Department;

LC Paper No. CB(1)548/01-02(01) -Administration's reply to a competition-related case lodged by Hang Tat Heating Systems Consultant Co. Ltd. against CLP Power; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)574/01-02(01) -Administration's reply to a competition-related case lodged by a group of electric appliances retailers against CLP Power and Hong Kong Electric for the sale of electrical appliances at below-cost prices

III.Items for discussion at the next meeting scheduled for 28 January 2002
(8:35 am - 8:40 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)597/01-02(01) -List of outstanding items for discussion; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)597/01-02(02) -List of follow-up actions

*IV.Hong Kong Disneyland
(8:40 am - 9:15 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)597/01-02(03) -Information paper provided by the Administration

*V.Reorganization of Port and Maritime Board Division in Economic Services Bureau
(9:15 am - 9:50 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1)597/01-02(04) -Information paper provided by the Administration

VI.Mid-stream Fees
(9:50 am - 10:30 am)

Meeting with deputations/the Administration

-Hong Kong Mid-stream Operators Association Ltd
[LC Paper No. CB(1)612/01-02(01)]

-Hong Kong Shippers' Council


-China-Hong Kong Transport Joint Committee
[LC Paper No. CB(1)612/01-02(02)]

Written submission from the following organization(s) not available to attend the meeting:

-Hong Kong Liner Shipping Association
[LC Paper No. CB(1)612/01-02(03)]

Meeting with the Administration

LC Paper No.CB(1)597/01-02(05) -Information paper provided by the Administration; and

LC Paper No. CB(1)612/01-02(04) -Administration's reply dated 28 November 2001 to a previous submission put forward by China-Hong Kong Transport Joint Committee on 20 November 2001

VII.Any other business
(10:30 am onward)

* Non-Panel Members are invited to join the discussion on the item.

Legislative Council Secretariat
17 December 2001