LegCo Panel on
Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene

Special meeting on
Tuesday, 14 May 2002 at 2:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Revised agenda

*I.Recent problems of fresh pork supply
(2:30 pm - 4:25 pm)

(a) Meeting with deputations

1. Consumer Council
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(03)]

2. Ng Fung Hong Limited
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1927/01-02(01)]

3. 香港豬肉行總商會
[Joint submission from nine organisations - LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(08)]

4. Kowloon Fresh Meat Retailer's Association Limited

5. Yuen Long Fresh Meat Association Limited
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(04)]

6. Tsuen Wan Fresh Meat Retailers' Association
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(05)]

7. The Dairy Farm Co Ltd - Wellcome
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1938/01-02(02)]

8. A S Watson & Co Ltd - PARKnSHOP
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(06)]

9. Hong Kong Livestock Industry Association
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1963/01-02(01)]

10. The Federation of Pig Raising Co-operative Societies of Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories, Hong Kong

11. Hong Kong Pigfarm Association
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1927/01-02(02)]

12. Pig-raising Cooperative Society of Yuen Long Tsung Tsin Sun Chuen
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1938/01-02(01)]

Other submission(s) received

Kowloon Live Pork Importers' Association
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(07)]

Hong Kong Retail Management Association
[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1927/01-02(03)]

(b)Meeting with the Administration

[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(01)- Discussion paper provided by the Environment and Food Bureau]

[LC Paper No. CB(2) 1903/01-02(02)-Discussion paper provided by the Economic Services Bureau]

[LC Paper No. IN 27/01-02-Information note prepared by Research and Library Services Division of LegCo Secretariat]

II.Any other business
(4:25 pm onwards)

* Members of the Panel on Economic Services are invited to join the discussion of this item.

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
14 May 2002