LegCo Panel on Home Affairs

Meeting on
Friday, 14 December 2001 at 10:45 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


I.Confirmation of minutes
(10:45 am - 10:50 am)

[LC Paper No. CB(2)654/01-02-minutes of meeting held on 9 November 2001 (issued on 11 December 2001)]

II.Information paper issued since the last meeting


III.Items for discussion at the next meeting
(10:50 am - 10:55 am)

[Appendix I to LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02-List of discussion items for future meetings (attached)]

[Appendix II to LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02-List of follow-up actions (attached)]

IV.Review of the visits system of the Justices of the Peace
(10:55 am - 11:25 am)

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(01)-paper provided by the Administration(attached)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(02)-extract of the Report of the Subcommittee on the Prison (Amendment) Rules 2000, Immigration (Vietnamese Migrants) (Detention Centres) (Amendment) Rules 2000 and Probation of Offenders (Amendment) Rules 2000 on 2 November 2000 (attached)]

*V.Review of the supernumerary Deputy Director (Administration) and Assistant Director (Finance) posts in the Leisure and Cultural Services Department
(11:25 am - 12:00 noon)

[LC Paper No. CB(2)278/01-02(01)-paper provided by the Administration(issued on 6 November 2001)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(03)-supplementary information provided by the Administration (attached)]

*VI.The Consultation Paper of the Hong Kong Press Council on qualified libel privilege
(12:00 noon - 12:45 pm)

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(04)-paper provided by the Hong Kong Press Council (Chinese version only) (attached)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(05)-draft bill provided by the Hong Kong Press Council (English version only) (attached)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(06)-background paper prepared by the Secretariat (attached)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(07)-submission provided by the Hong Kong Journalists Association (attached)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)667/01-02(08)-submission provided by the Society of Publishers in Asia (attached)]

[LC Paper No. CB(2)449/01-02-articles written by Hon Margaret NG and relevant press cuttings (issued on 21 November 2001)]

VII.Any other business

* All other Hon LegCo Members are invited for the discussion of these items.

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
12 December 2001