LegCo Panel on Environmental Affairs and
LegCo Panel on Health Services

Joint meeting on
Thursday, 23 May 2002, at 4:30 pm
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


I Election of Chairman
(4:30 pm - 4:35 pm)

II Confirmation of minutes of meeting
(4:35 pm - 4:40 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1768/01-02 -- Minutes of the joint meeting with the Health Services Panel held on 20 March 2002 (issued)

*III Clinical Waste Control Scheme
(4:40 pm - 6:30 pm)

Meeting with deputations

Hong Kong Private Hospitals Association

Conservancy Association

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(01)--Submission from the Association (English version only) (attached)


LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(02)--Submission from Greenpeace (English version only) (attached)

Kwai Tsing District Council

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(03)--Submission from the Council (Chinese version only) (attached)

Fai In Environmental Service Co

Hong Kong Safety Clinical Waste Treatment Ltd

Kam Ming E.P. Engineering Co Ltd

ServiceMaster Hong Kong Ltd

Tsang Lik Services Ltd

Submissions from organizations not attending the meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(04)--Submission from the Green Power (Chinese version only) (attached)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(05)--Submission from the Friends of the Earth (English version only) (attached)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(06)--Submission from the Hong Kong Dental Association (English version only) (attached)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(07)--Submission from the Hong Kong Medical Association (English version only) (attached)

Meeting with the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1323/01-02(02)--Information paper provided by the Administration (issued for the joint meeting on 20 March 2002)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(08)--Updated background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat (attached)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 1782/01-02(09)--Information paper provided by the Administration (attached)

IV Any other business

* All other Hon Members are invited to attend for discussion on item III.

Legislative Council Secretariat
22 May 2002