LegCo Panel on Welfare Services

Meeting on
Monday, 11 March 2002 at 10:45 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


I.Confirmation of minutes of meetings held on 14 January and 4 February 2002
(10:45 am - 10:50 am)

Minutes of meeting on 14 January 2002
LC Paper No. CB(2)1148/01-02 - issued on 21 February 2002

Minutes of meeting on 4 February 2002
LC Paper No. CB(2)1251/01-02 - issued on 4 March 2002

II.Date of next meeting and items for discussion
(10:50 am - 10:55 am)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(01)-list of issues to be considered

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(02)-list of follow-up action by the Administration

III.Information paper issued since the last meeting

LC Paper No. CB(2)1268/01-02(01)-the Administration's paper on "Exploratory Study on Withdrawn CSSA Recipients and Potential CSSA Applicants" (issued on 6 March 2002)

IV.Implications of 2001 population census on the provision of social welfare services
(10:55 am - 11:25 am)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(03)-paper provided by the Administration

* V.Provision of Residential Care Services for Elders
(11:25 am - 11:45 am)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(04)-paper provided by the Administration

VI.Strategy and Measures to Prevent and Tackle Family Violence
(11:45 am - 1:15 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(05)-paper provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(2)1033/01-02(03)-submission from the Harmony House (Chinese version only) (issued on 31 January 2002)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(06)-submission from Hon LAW Chi-kwong (Chinese version only)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(07)-submission from the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(08)-submission from the Hong Kong Association for the Survivors of Women Abuse (Kwan Fook) (Chinese version only)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(09)-submission from the Caritas Family Crisis Support Centre (Chinese version only)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(10)-submission from the Against Child Abuse Ltd. (Chinese version only)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1265/01-02(11)-submission from the Harmony House (Chinese version only)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1448/01-02(01)-further submission from the Harmony House (Chinese version only)

VII.Any other business

* Members of the Panel on Planning, Lands and Works are invited to join the discussion of this item.

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
26 March 2002