Chairmen's rulings
Issues related to the Procedure and Practice of the Finance Committee
Budget and the Estimate of Expenditure
One-off relief measures announced in the Budget
Periodic/progress reports from the Administration
Recommendations from Establishment Subcommittee
Recommendations from Public Works Subcommittee
Advance site formation and engineering infrastructure works at Kwu Tung North new development area and Fanling North new development area (North East New Territories)
Waste treatment facilities
Funds established under Section 29 of the Public Finance Ordinance
Capital Works Reserve Fund
Head 701: Land Acquisition
Head 705: Civil Engineering
Head 706: Highways
Head 708: Capital Subventions and Major Systems and Equipment
Head 710: Computerisaton
Capital Investment Fund
Disaster Relief Fund
Innovation and Technology Fund
Loan Fund
Lotteries Fund
Other Funds
Sustainable Agricultural Development Fund (Head: 22)
Sustainable Fisheries Development Fund (Head: 22)
AIDS Trust Fund (Head: 37)
Environment and Conservation Fund (Head: 44)
Recycling Fund (Head: 44)
Community Care Fund (Head: 53)
Film Development Fund (Head: 55)
Supplementary Legal Aid Fund (Head: 94)
Asian Development Fund (Head: 106)
Innovation and Technology Venture Fund (Head: 111)
Innovation and Technology Fund for Better Living (Head: 135)
Health and Medical Research Fund (Head: 140)
Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (Head: 141)
Elder Academy Development Foundation (Head: 141)
Language Fund (Head: 156)
Self-financing Post-secondary Education Fund (Head: 156)
Qualifications Framework Fund (Head: 156)
Gifted Education Fund (Head: 156)
Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (Head: 158)
Hong Kong Paralympians Fund (Head: 170)
SME Export Marketing and Development Fund (Head: 181)
Pay and conditions of service
Honoraria and remuneration for members of councils, boards and committees
Government Reorganization
Medical and Healthcare
Plant, vehicles and equipment
Other subvention schemes
Paying compensation and ex-gratia grants as applicable to local chicken farmers, wholesalers, retailers, transport operators and self-employed workers at the wholesale market (Head: 22)
Assistance Scheme for Hawkers in Fixed-pitch Hawker Areas (Head: 49)
CreateSmart Initiative (Head: 55)
Signature Project Scheme (Kwai Tsing District) - Enhancement of Community Healthcare (Head: 63)
Signature Project Scheme (Tuen Mun District) - Promotion of Youth Development in Tuen Mun (Head: 63)
Acquiring and Commissioning Artworks by Local Artists (Head: 95)
Sea-going Training Incentive Scheme (Head: 100)
Injection into the Employees Retraining Board (Head: 141)
Measures for manpower development of the retail industry (Head: 152)
Professional Services Advancement Support Scheme (Head: 152)
Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Students of Professional Part-time Programmes (Head: 156)
Enhancing the Skill Level of Construction Manpower (Head: 159)
Provision of Special Helping Measures for the Six Major Outlying Island Ferry Routes (Head: 186)
Relocation of Transport Department's Operation Centres to the West Kowloon Government Offices (Head: 186)
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Finance Ministers' Meeting 2014
Write-off of public moneys

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