Finance Committee

Establishment Subcommittee
Meeting Agenda as of 26 July 1996

Date :13 December 1995
Time:10:45 a.m.

Item No. Subject
I.Proposed creation of a permanent post in a new rank of Senior Principal Land Executive(D1) as the de facto head of the Land Executive and Land Inspector grades of the Lands Department offset by the deletion of a post of Principal Land Executive(MPS 45-49) to meet the increasing volume and complexity of its grade management duties
II.Proposed revision of the salary scale of the Supervisor of Typing Services grade from Master Pay Scale Point 17 - 23 to Master Pay Scale Point 17 -24 to reflect the increased complexity of work and responsibilities of the grade
III.Proposed creation of a permanent post in a new rank of Deputy Director of Buildings(D3) in the Buildings Department to directly manage the four front-line divisions and to assist the Director in policy and strategy formulation
IV.Proposed creation of four supernumerary directorate posts from 1 March 1996 to 28 February 1997 and increase in establishment ceiling of the Financial Services Branch to permit the creation of 20 non-directorate posts to proceed with the preparation of subsidiary legislation of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance and other urgent tasks related to the development of the Mandatory Provident Fund System
V.Proposed retention of four supernumerary posts of one Administrative Officer Staff Grade B(D3) and one Administrative Officer Staff Grade C(D2) in the Security Branch, one Assistant Commissioner of Correctional Services(GDS(C)2) in the Correctional Services Department and one Assistant Director of Immigration(GDS(C)2) in the Immigration Department until 31 March 1997 to deal with the repatriation of Vietnamese Migrants(VMs) and other related problems of VMs, and the resettlement of the Vietnamese Refugees
VI.Proposed retention of the consultancy position of one Consultant (at Principal Crown Counsel(DL3) ) from 21 May 1996 to 20 May 1997 in the Legal Department to provide legal advice and conduct litigation in relation to Vietnamese asylum seekers and illegal immigrants
VII.Proposed upgrading the post of Departmental Secretary of Civil Engineering Department from Chief Executive Officer(MPS 45 - 49) to Principal Executive Officer(D1)to meet the increased responsibilities and complexities of the post

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