House Committee
1995/96 Session

Meeting Agenda

Date :20 October 1995
Time:2:30 p.m.

Item No. Subject
I.Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting held on 13.10.95
(LegCo Paper No. HB 32/95-96)
II.Matters arising
III. Legal Adviser's report on the subsidiary legislation tabled in the Legislative Council on 18.10.95
(LegCo Paper No. LS 6/95-96)
IV.Position report on Bills Committees and Subcommittees
(LegCo Paper No. HB 38/95-96)
V.Legal Adviser's report on bills referred to the House Committee under Standing Order No. 42(3A)

  1. Air Passenger Departure Tax (Amendment) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 7/95-96)
  2. Legal Aid Services Council (No. 2) Bill
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 2/95-96)
  3. Prevention of Bribery (Miscellaneous Provisions) (No. 2) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 5/95-96)
  4. Tax Reserve Certificates (Amendment) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 10/95-96)
  5. Gas Safety (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 4/95-96)
  6. Bank Notes Issue (Amendment) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 13/95-96)
  7. Buildings (Amendment) (No. 3) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 8/95-96)
  8. Intellectual Property (World Trade Organization Amendments) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 12/95-96)
VI.Business for the LegCo sitting on 2.11.95

  1. Questions
    (LegCo Paper No. CB 63/95-96)
  2. Government Motions
    1. Resolution under section 29I (2) of the Stamp Duty Ordinance (Cap. 117) - to be moved by the Secretary for the Treasury
      (LegCo Paper No. LS 9/95-96)
    2. Resolution under sections 9 and 9A of the Criminal Procedure Ordinance (Cap. 221)
      Resolution under section 34(2) of the Interpretation and General Clauses Ordinance (Cap. 1) - to be moved by the Chief Secretary
      (LegCo Paper No. LS 11/95-96)
  3. Bills - 1st and 2nd Readings
    1. Lands Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 1995
    2. Employment (Amendment) (No. 4) Bill 1995
    3. Costs in Criminal Cases Bill
  4. Debate on Motion of Thanks
    (Response from Administration)
VII.Advance information on motion debates for the LegCo sitting on 8.11.95

  1. Motion debate on "Hong Kong's economy"
    The above motion (attached) will be moved by Mr Allen LEE.
  2. Motion debate on "Reduction of taxes"
    The above motion (attached) will be moved by Mr James TIEN Pei-chun.
VIII.Reports by Panels/Bills Committees/Subcommittees
Interim report by the Subcommittee to study subsidiary legislation gazetted from 30 June to 6 October 1995
(LegCo Paper No. HB 40/95-96)
IX.Any Other Business

  1. Updating of House Rules
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 9/95-96 - issued under LegCo Paper No. HB 33/95-96 on 17.10.95)
  2. Subcommittees of the House Committee
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 11/95-96)
  3. Election of Members for appointment to the Public Accounts Committee and the Committee on Members' Interests
    (LegCo Paper No. CB 4/95-96)
  4. Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 13/95-96)
  5. Bilingual Laws Advisory Committee
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 7/95-96)
  6. British National (Overseas) Late Registration Appeals Advisory Committee
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 24/95-96)
  7. Court of the University of Hong Kong
    Council of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
    The English Schools Foundation
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 8/95-96)
  8. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Advisory Board
    Po Leung Kuk Advisory Board
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 12/95-96)
  9. Processing of bills
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 39/95-96)
  10. Briefings by the Chief Secretary
    To be raised by the Chairman
  11. Salaries and allowances for LegCo Members
    To be raised by the Chairman
  12. LegCo Fun Day
    (LegCo Paper No. AS 25/95-96)
  13. Neighbourhood Level Community Development Projects
    To be raised by Mr LI Wah-ming.

Legislative Council Secretariat
26 July 1996

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