LegCo Paper No. CB(1)1429/96-97(03)

Notification Arrangements regarding the Transitional Arrangements for the Protection of Designs Registered in the United Kingdom

After the commencement of the new law, designs already registered in the United Kingdom will be deemed as Hong Kong registered designs. Designs registered in the United Kingdom but which are based on applications made prior to the commencement of the new law will also be deemed as Hong Kong registered designs. (See Clause 91)

2. These deemed Hong Kong registered designs, however, have to be renewed in Hong Kong within six months of the commencement date of the new law or six months before the next renewal date, whichever is later. Unless the deemed Hong Kong registered design is renewed in Hong Kong, protection in Hong Kong will lapse. (See Clause 92)

3. Prior to and immediately after the enactment of the Registered Designs Bill, we will run some publicity programmes in both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong to let the interested parties know the transitional arrangements. We will advertise the main content of the enacted Bill, including the transitional arrangements, on the UK Patent and Design Journal (a weekly publication) periodically. Locally, we will publish some user-friendly information brochures on the registered designs system and organise a series of talks and seminars for the design industry and other related organisations.

Intellectual Property Department
April 1997

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