LegCo Paper No. CB(2) 902/96-97(01)

Points raised by members at the
meeting on 20 December 1996

At the meeting held on 20 December 1996, the Administration was requested -

  1. to explain the justifications for the Attorney General to be entitled to be heard in any proceedings under the Ordinance (clause 24 refers) and provide some examples for illustration;
  2. to consider including the "death penalty exception" in the principle Ordinance;
  3. to provide a sample of the subsidiary legislation for implementing the "death penalty exception";
  4. to advise whether legal aid is extended to fugitive offenders in extradition proceedings; and
  5. to advise whether the magistrate hearing the extradition committal proceedings will have similar power as provided under the Costs in Criminal Cases Ordinance to award costs to the fugitive if he determines not to commit him for surrender.

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