Finance Committee

Establishment Subcommittee

Date :16 January 1997
Time:10:45 a.m

Item No. Subject
I.Proposed creation of a supernumerary post of Deputy Principal Crown Counsel(DL2) in the Legal Policy Division of the Legal Department with effect from 1 March 1997 for three years to head a new Basic Law Unit
(In attendance : The Deputy Solicitor General, Legal Department/the Chambers Manager, Legal Department)
II.Proposed creation of three permanent posts of one Deputy Director of Housing(D4), one Deputy Director of Accounting Services(D3) and one Principal Executive Officer(D1) offset by the deletion of a permanent post of Assistant Director of Accounting Services(D2) to strengthen the senior directorate structure of the Housing Department
(In attendance : The Director of Housing)
III.Proposed creation of a permanent post of Assistant Ombudsman(D2) to head a new Investigation Division upon the re-organisation of the Office of The Ombudsman
(In attendance : The Deputy Ombudsman/the Principal Executive Officer, Office of The Ombudsman)
IV.Proposed creation of a permanent post of Administrative Officer Staff Grade C(D2) in the Secretariat of the University Grants Committee with effect from 1 March 1997 to provide staffing support to cope with the increase in complexity and volume of work at the Deputy Secretary-General level and increase of the permanent establishment ceiling
(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Education and Manpower/the Secretary-General, University Grants Committee)
V.Proposed changes to the existing Establishment Subcommittee procedures

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