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on 18 April 1997


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Members are invited to approve a commitment of $12.4 million for hiring professional services to develop self-access training materials on Target Oriented Curriculum Assessment for teachers in primary schools.


The majority of primary school teachers in Hong Kong do not have the required knowledge and skills to carry out assessments suggested in the Target Oriented Curriculum (TOC). They require training to carry out their job effectively.


2. The Director of Education (D of E) proposes to develop a package of self-access training materials on the concept and skills of TOC assessment in the local context for teachers in primary schools at a total commitment of $12.4 million.


3. In the TOC, there is a set of learning targets in each subject. TOC assessment is to assess what students can do and how well they can do it, according to the set of learning targets. As the majority of primary school teachers in Hong Kong do not have the required knowledge and skills to carry out assessments suggested in TOC, they need training to carry out their job effectively. Both the Co-ordination Committee on Evaluation of the TOC Assessment Mechanism1 and the Monitoring Committee on Implementation of the TOC2 suggested that in addition to the training provided by the TOC Teacher Education Unit, it is essential to provide further training materials and video tapes in self-access mode for enhancing the professional knowledge and skills on TOC assessment so that teachers can undergo training at their own pace.

1 We set up the Co-ordination Committee on Evaluation of the TOC Assessment Mechanism in October 1994 to co-ordinate studies and to make recommendations on the implementation of TOC assessment.

2 We set up the Monitoring Committee on Implementatin of the TOC in July 1995 to monitor the progress of implementation of TOC against the schedule and to make recommendations for further enhancement in the development and implementation of TOC.

4. With these training materials, teachers need not attend courses and seminars as frequently as they otherwise will to enhance their professional knowledge and skills on TOC assessment. Consequently, they can devote more time to their pupils.

5. There is a total of 18 340 primary school teachers who require training. As TOC assessment is very complex, it requires a series of training programmes. The cost of providing in-service teacher training is much higher and it will take much longer time to complete. The provision of self-access training materials to supplement and support in-service teacher training will ensure that training support to teachers is more cost-effective. All primary schools in Hong Kong will receive several copies of the package. Teachers can select the use at any time of the module/video programme which gives them the required knowledge and/or skills to carry out their duties.

6. The package of the TOC assessment training materials, which develops teachers’ professional competencies in TOC assessment by stages, will include eight modules of self-access training materials and ten video programmes. It consists of training materials in modular form which we will develop and send out to schools and teachers module by module. As the package involves a new and developmental approach, D of E anticipates that the development and production process will require about three years to complete. A detailed description of the package is at the Enclosure.


7. The estimated total cost of developing the self-access training materials on TOC assessment over three years from 1997-98 to 1999-2000 is $12.4 million, made up as follows -

$ million

(a) Eight Assessment Resource Kit modules at $0.8 million each


(b) Ten Assessment Videos at $0.6 million each




8. The estimated cashflow for the project is as follows -


$ million


$ million


$ million


$ million





9. The proposal will have no impact on the fees and charges for services provided by the Education Department.


10. The Education Commission’s Report No. 4 (1990) recommended and the Executive Council approved in August 1991 the development of the TOC, which we previously termed Targets and Target-Related Assessment. The TOC aims at creating better opportunities for children to learn and to develop their ability to think creatively, to communicate effectively and to develop positive attitudes to and interest in learning.

11. TOC initiative begins with the three core subjects - Chinese, English and Mathematics. The Curriculum Development Council Chinese, English and Mathematics Subject Committees set up working groups to develop attainment targets for Primary Three and Primary Six. Based on the learning targets and objectives formulated for these three subjects, teachers will choose appropriate contents, strategies, learning activities as well as assessment methods for their students.

12. In October 1994, D of E announced that he would introduce TOC by phases starting with Primary One in September 1995. The Education Department has informed schools that it would implement TOC progressively at all levels, i.e. Primary One to Primary Six, by the school year 2000-01.

13. Up to the 1996-97 school year, 525 (61%) primary schools are implementing TOC or have already embodied the characteristics of TOC in the current practice of the school. An additional 161 (19%) primary schools have indicated that they would implement TOC in the 1997-98 school year.

Education and Manpower Branch
April 1997

Enclosure to FCR(97-98)3

Specification of Target Oriented Curriculum (TOC) Assessment Resource Kit

1. To develop a set of TOC Assessment Resource Kit (ARK), consisting of eight modules to provide teachers with -

  1. a range of fundamental ideas and issues in assessment; and

  2. a variety of assessment methods and procedures for assessing student performance in relation to criteria.

Each module of ARK will have -

  1. a set of ARK "Guides" in magazine form;

  2. one or more ARK video tapes; and

  3. a workshop manual.

The initial proposed titles of ARK modules are -

  1. Developmental Assessment;

  2. Progress Maps;

  3. Making and Recording Observations;

  4. Locating Students on a Progress Map;

  5. Monitoring and Reporting Progress;

  6. Portfolios;

  7. Performances; and

  8. Projects.

2. To develop a set of ten videos on how to practise TOC in the classroom. The initial titles of the videos are -

  1. Recording and reporting TOC assessment (one video);

  2. Practising TOC assessment in the classroom for key stage one for the subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics (three videos);

  3. Practising TOC assessment in the classroom for key stage two for the subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics (three videos); and

  4. Bridging TOC assessment from key stage two to key stage three for the subjects of Chinese, English and Mathematics (three videos).

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