LegCo Panel on Education
Information Note
Employment Situation of 1995-96 Graduates
of the Hong Kong Institute of Education

This paper informs Members of the employment situation of the graduates of the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) for the 1995-96 academic year.

Student Survey

2. In August 1996, the HKIEd conducted an informal survey on the employment situation of its full-time pre-service students to find out whether assistance to those graduates who had not yet secured a teaching position at that time was necessary. The survey did not cover the in-service students who were supposed to continue teaching in their original schools upon graduation.


3. Of the 1,121 full-time pre-service graduates for the 1995-96 academic year, 666 students (59.4%) responded to the survey at the end of August 1996. Among them, 550 graduates were successfully employed as school teachers and only 2 took up non-teaching employment. Of the remainder, 65 graduates were pursuing further studies and 48 in active job searching. An analysis of the employment situation as at 31 August 1996 is at the Annex.

Education and Manpower Branch
October 1996

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