Econ 6/5061/95(96) IV (TC)
16 October 1996

Ms Estella Chan
Clerk to LegCo Panel on Economic Services
Legislative Council
Legislative Council Building
8 Jackson Road
Hong Kong

Dear Ms Chan

LegCo Panel on Economic Services
Management Reform of Public Cargo Working Areas

Thank you for your letter of 3 October 1996 referring to us a petition from the Hong Kong Public Cargo Working Areas (PCWAs) Trade Association on the management reform of PCWAs.

The views of the Association are well known to us and have been made and discussed on many occasions before during the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearings and at previous LegCo Panel on Economic Services meetings when the matter was discussed.

In formulating our PCWA reform proposal, we have carefully considered the views of the Association and those of PAC and Director of Audit, as well as the views of other interested parties. We have completed our consultation with the parties concerned and it is our intention to submit a proposal for discussion by the Economic Services Panel at its meeting in November if the agenda permits.

Yours sincerely

( Richard Yuen )
for Secretary for Economic Services

bcc D of M

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