(Letterhead of Secretariat of Legislative Councillors & Research Centre of the Democratic Party)

13th March 1997
Miss Odelia Leung,
Chief Assistant Secretary (1)1,
LegCo Secretariat.
Dear Miss Leung,
In preparation for the meeting of the Subcommittee on Long Term Housing Strategy Review to be held on 24th March 1997, I would like to raise the following questions. Please convey them to the Housing Branch and urge for an early written reply.

  1. Please provide the over-subscription rates of white/green form applicants during the period from 93-94 to 95-96 and the proportion of HOS flats designated for sale to white/green form applicants.

  2. Please provide information on the numbers of applicants and flats involved in each phase of the Sandwich Class Housing (SCH) Scheme since its implementation.

  3. The Government proposes to expand the SCH Loan Scheme. Please provide details of the Scheme, including the quota of such loans to be granted and the time required for processing such loans. What kind of impact such a scheme will have on prices of flats in the private sector?

  4. Does the Government have any plan in place to build additional SCH flats between 2001 and 2006? What are the details?

  5. Please provide detailed information on the method of setting prices of public rental flats, the types of public housing designated for sale (age range and types of such flats), the arrangements for future maintenance and management of such flats as well as the resale restrictions.

  6. In paragraph 5.23 of the Consultative Document, the Administration says that the prices of rental flats for sale to sitting tenants will be set at a level which would enable the HA to recover the replacement cost of the concerned flats and adjustment could be made to reflect depreciation and relative value of location. Please quote five examples of public rental flats in different locations, and list in tabular form their respective replacement costs, depreciated values and "regional values" and their prices.

  7. What percentage of households in the same public housing building indicating their willingness to buy back their flats that will make the Administration make up their mind to sell such flats? After deciding to sell such flats, what the Administration will do with tenants deciding not to buy? Will they be forced into buying the flats, or will they be asked to move out to other housing estates?

LAM Pui-yee
for LEE Wing-tat
Chairman, LegCo Panel on Housing

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