LegCo Panel on Housing Subcommittee on Long Term Housing Strategy Review Concerns raised by members at the meeting on 9 April 1997 which require follow-up action by the Administration

1. To provide a definition of "vacant development land" and, in relation to the figures of 3,300 hectares of such lands in 1988 and 4,300 hectares in 1996 listed in Appendix I of the research report on "Land supply in Hong Kong", to provide a list of such lands showing their developments throughout the period.

2. To advise the existing mechanism for converting vacant development lands into serviced lands, and to offer suggestions for improving and expediting the planning and development process.

3. On the projected average annual requirement of 47,000 public flats and 33,000 private flats from 1995-96 to 2005-06 as stated in paragraph 3.5 of the Consultative Document on Long Term Housing Strategy Review, to prepare a table similar to that of Appendix 20 of the research report on "Land supply in Hong Kong" to show the number of flats to be produced respectively under such land production categories as land formation, rezoning, redevelopment, intensification of development density, etc.

4. To advise means for clearing hurdles concerning the planning and development of lands before such lands are allocated to the Housing Authority.

5. To advise the causes for delay and actions being undertaken in respect of the three development projects at Green Island, Tsuen Wan Seven Street and Sham Tseng Tung Tsuen, and mechanisms in place to avoid future recurrences.

6. In relation to the 587 hectares of land to be made available over the next five years, to provide a breakdown of such lands to be provided through land formation and land exchange, and to advise if possible shortfall in land supply under land exchange would be made up by land formation.

Legislative Council Secretariat
10 April 1997

Last Updated on 20 August 1998