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Meeting Agenda

Date :11 April 1997
Time:8:30 a.m.

Item No. Subject
I.Confirmation of minutes and matters arising
(8:30 am - 8:35 am)

LegCo Paper No. CB(1) 1228/96-97

II.Information papers issued since last meeting

LegCo Paper No. CB(1) 1138/96-97 -- Submission on road closure between South Lantau and the Lantau Link

LegCo Paper No. CB(1) 1173/96-97 -- Research report on LPG As A Fuel For Vehicles (Chinese version to follow)

III.Items for discussion for the next meeting scheduled for 9 May 1997
(8:35 am - 8:40 am)

List of outstanding items for discussion

IV.Feasibility study of inter-district bus-only lanes
(8:40 am - 9:15 am)

Paper No. CB(1) 1227/96-97(01) provided by the Administration

V.Opening of Western Harbour Crossing and Lantau Link
(9:15 am - 9:55 am)

Paper No. CB(1) 1227/96-97(02) provided by the Administration

VI.Contingency strategies for the closure of land link to North Lantau and the new airport before airport opening
(9:55 am - 10:30 am)

Paper No. CB(1) 1227/96-97(03) provided by the Administration


Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
9 April 1997

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