Review of the Women and Young Persons (Industry)
in the light of the Sex Discrimination Ordinance Supplementary Information


At the LegCo Manpower Panel meeting on 2 October 1996, Members asked for more information on the Administration’s proposals to be put to the Labour Advisory Board (LAB) for consultation.

Removal of employment restrictions relating to female workers

2. The LAB will be consulted on 28 October 1996. As indicated in our last progress report submitted to the Panel on 22 August 1996, we intend to remove all provisions in the Women and Young Persons (Industry) Regulations ("the Regulations") which are considered to be discriminatory in order to reconcile the inconsistency between the Regulations and the Sex Discrimination Ordinance (SDO) before the deadline of 13 July 1997. Subject to Board members’ advice, the Administration will submit the proposed legislative amendments to the LegCo in the first quarter of 1997.

Survey on the patterns of working hours

3. Concurrently we are considering the effect of extending some or all of the protective provisions in the Regulations to male workers. The Census and Statistics Department is conducting a survey on the patterns of working hours and overtime premium of our labour force. We shall analyse the findings and assess the economic implications before making our recommendations on the way forward.

Labour Department

October 1996

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