LegCo Panel on Transport
List of outstanding items for discussion (1996-97)
Position as at 27 September 1996

(1) Future development of the Light Rail Transit and safety measures

Raised by members at the meetings on 25 October 1995 and 14 March 1996 respectively.

(2) Drivers’ responsibilities for safety

At the meeting on 11 July 1996, members raised a number of concerns related to the responsibilities of drivers for safety. These included the use of mobile phones while driving, smoking and the running of engines at petrol stations, accidents involving long vehicles, and a proposal for installing lights at the rear part of long vehicles.

(3) Fare structure of the Mass Transit Railway and additional bus routes from Tsuen Wan to Kowloon

At a meeting with Duty Roster Members on 12 July 1996, some Kwai Tsing District Board members pointed out that the fares of the MTR Tsuen Wan Line was higher than that of the other lines, and that there had been a reduction in the number of bus routes from Tsuen Wan to Kowloon since operation of the MTR Tsuen Wan line. The District Board members suggested that the MTRC should review the principles for setting fares and reduce the fares of the Tsuen Wan Line, and that cross-harbour bus routes from South Kwai Chung as well as bus routes to Kowloon should be established. The Administration has advised that the MTRC adopts a consistent approach when determining the fare structures of the three MTR lines. Fares for some stations on the Kwun Tong Line are lower than those on the Tsuen Wan Line to compensate for the inconvenience caused by a less direct alignment of the Kwun Tong Line. On the provision of bus services in Tsuen Wan, the Administration would welcome proposals and follow these up with bus operators.

Duty Roster Members were of the view that the fare policy of the MTRC should be studied in greater detail by the Panel.

(4) Mass Transit Railway Corporation (Amendment) Bill 1996 and Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation (Amendment) Bill 1996

At the special meeting on 25 September 1996, members agreed to schedule another meeting to discuss the captioned Bills upon availability of the research reports by the Mass Transit Railway Corporation and the Administration.

Legislative Council Secretariat
27 September 1996

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