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Sha Tin Closed Circuit Television System


This paper seeks Members’ support for the provision of a closed circuit television (CCTV) system in Sha Tin New Town.


2. Following the provision of Area Traffic Control (ATC) Systems in Hong Kong, Kowloon and Tsuen Wan, an ATC System will be installed in Sha Tin. The Sha Tin ATC System will comprise three components, namely a central computer-controlled traffic signal system, a CCTV system and a traffic congestion and route information system.

3. The central computer-controlled traffic signal system covers 83 junctions. Funds of $32 million were approved by the Finance Committee in January 1994. Detailed design and tendering arrangements have been completed and works are scheduled to commence in February 1997 for completion in early 1998;

4. The CCTV system is for monitoring traffic conditions. It is now in Category B of the Public Works Programme (PWP). We propose to upgrade it to Category A at the Public Works Sub-committee (PWSC) meeting in March 1997.

5. The traffic congestion and route information (TCRI) system provides traffic information to motorists on major corridors between Sha Tin and Kowloon. We are conducting further investigation on its cost, scope and timing and this item will remain in Category B of the PWP for the time being.


6. The computer-controlled traffic signal system enables us to adjust traffic signal timings centrally, co-ordinate the operation of adjacent traffic signals to minimise vehicle stops and delays, and detect faults and malfunctions of local traffic control items to enable speedy repair. The addition of a CCTV system will enhance the operation of the ATC system by providing real-time monitoring of the traffic conditions so that operators in the control centre can make prompt adjustments to signal timings in the event of traffic accidents or other incidents causing abnormal traffic flow.

7. To enable the Traffic Police to monitor traffic conditions more effectively, the CCTV system will be linked to the Police Public Relations Bureau (PPRB) and the Police Regional Command and Control Centre (RCCC) in Tai Po, apart from the Transport Department Headquarters in Wanchai and the Transport Department New Territories Regional Office in Mongkok.

Project Scope

8. The scope of the proposed CCTV system comprises the following:

  1. installation of 19 CCTV cameras in Sha Tin New Town as shown in the drawing in Annex A;
  2. installation of a central computer control system in the New Territories ATC Control Centre in Tsuen Wan;
  3. tapping the CCTV systems of Lion Rock, Shing Mun and Tate’s Cairn Tunnels;
  4. installation of monitors and communication equipment at PPRB and RCCC in Tai Po and at the Transport Department Headquarters in Wanchai and the NT Regional Office in Mongkok; and
  5. acquisition of leased telecommunication services.

Environmental Implications

9. The Director of Environmental Protection conducted an Environmental Review for the project in April 1996 and concluded that it would not have any adverse environmental implications and hence no Environmental Impact Assessment was required. We will control the environmental impact when minor civil works are carried out, and implement appropriate mitigation measures in the work contract.

Land Acquisition

10. The project does not require land acquisition.

Financial Implication

11. We estimate the capital cost of the CCTV system works to be $20.2 million in money-of-the-day (MOD) prices. A breakdown is at Annex B.


12. We intend to submit this item to PWSC at its meeting in March 1997 and seek Finance Committee’s approval of funds in April 1997. Subject to approval of funds, we will award the tender and commence the work in mid-1997 for completion in mid-1999.

Transport Branch
January 1997

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