25 March 1998 AT 10:45 A.M.

Item No.Subject
1.EC(97-98)85Proposed retention of four supernumerary posts of one Administrative Officer Staff Grade B1 (D4), one Administrative Officer Staff Grade C (D2), one Assistant Commissioner of Insurance (D2), and one Principal Executive Officer (D1) in the Financial Services Bureau of the Government Secretariat from 1鼦pril 1998 to 31瓱arch 1999 to prepare for the launching of the Mandatory Provident Fund System

(In attendance : The Secretary for Financial Services/the Director, Mandatory Provident Fund Office/the Principal Executive Office (Administration and Planning), Mandatory Provident Fund Office)

2.EC(97-98)84Proposed changes in establishment under Heads 53, 55, 145, and 147 to facilitate the re-organisation of the Broadcasting, Culture and Sport Bureau into the Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau in April 1998

(In attendance : The Secretary for the Treasury/the Secretary for Economic Services/the Deputy Director of Administration/the Deputy Secretary for Broadcasting, Culture and Sport/the Deputy Secretary for Home Affairs/the Deputy Secretary for Civil Service/the Principal Executive Officer (Administration), Administration Wing)

3.EC(97-98)86Proposed -
  1. modification of the pay scale of the Junior Police Officer grade with effect from 1鼦pril 1998; and

  2. consequential increase in the 1998-99 establishment ceiling of the Hong Kong Police Force from $8,859,120,000 by $119,345,640 to $8,978,465,640 to reflect adequately the changes in responsibility and complexity of work undertaken by the grade
(In attendance : The Deputy Secretary for Security/the Deputy Commissioner of Police)
4.EC(97-98)87Proposed retention of a Consultant (DL3) position in the Civil Division of the Department of Justice from 28䒷eptember 1998 to 27 September 1999 to provide continued legal support to deal with Vietnamese Migrant related legal proceedings

(In attendance : The Law Officer (Civil Law)/the Deputy Director (Administration), Department of Justice)

5.EC(97-98)88Proposed retention of a supernumerary post of Assistant Commissioner for Labour (D2) in the Labour Department up to 31 December 1998 for continued secondment to the Employees Retraining Board

(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Education and Manpower/the Deputy Commissioner for Labour)

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