(Letterhead of Joint Office of HKFTU 's
Provisional Legislative Councillors)

22nd July, 1997

Mr Dominic Wong
Secretary for Housing

Dear Mr Wong,

Would the Administration provide me and members of the Housing Panel with a written reply to the following questions before the next Panel meeting to be held on 24th July 1997:

1.How does the Government implement its plan of achieving the target of annual production of an average of 80,000 flats (LTHS figure), 85,000 flat as said by the Chief Executive or even 100,000 flats as said by the Financial Secretary?

2.How does the Government ensure that private developers are able to complete the construction of flats on time through its land grant so as to achieve the above production target?

3. The SAR Government has just announced its Five-Year Land Disposal Programme. Does it plan to announce detailed progress report annually?

4.Why has the SAR Government included lands for Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS) in the Land Disposal Programme?

5.Will the SAR Government intend to announce the land for constructing public housing in the next five years?

6.The Housing Authority (HA) always complains that most of the land allocated by the Government for building public housing is not provided with infrastructure, what are the reasons for this? Why can ' t the problem be solved? Besides, what is the amount of land that have been rejected by the HA after having been allocated ?

7.The previous LegCo has passed a bill to the effect that the Housing Bureau or HA can only introduce rent increase for public housing triennally and that the increase cannot be higher than MRIR of 10%. When will this Bill be implemented? Will the HA introduce rent increase in September this year as originally scheduled?

Chan Yuen-han,
Chairman, PLC Panel on Housing