Joint PLC Panel on Housing and Transport
Special Meeting on 17 March 1998

Information Paper on Progress of Housing-related Infrastructure Project


1.At the previous Joint Panel meeting on 15 December 1997, we presented a paper on 'Development of the infrastructure for meeting the housing production target' outlining the three different types of infrastructure necessary to match the housing target, viz

    · Site specific and small or local infrastructure
    · Infrastructure of district importance
    · Infrastructure of strategic importance

In the paper, we also discussed the challenges encountered in the timely delivery of each of the three above categories of infrastructure and the general approach to tackle them.

2.This paper reports on the progress made in the last three months.


3.We are now in the final stage of compiling a programme of housing-related infrastructure (the "Programme"). Whilst the compilation and monitoring of the Programme is a continuing process, we have to date identified more than 150 projects in the Public Works Programme as housing-related. 61 of them are charged to the Housing Project Action Fund which has been set up to provide funds for speeding up the implementation of housing-related infrastructure projects. By category, 40 of all these projects are for improvement/provision of transport infrastructure; 29 projects are for water supplies; 27 for site formation, 7 for sewerage and sewage treatment facilities and the rest for other ancillary works. These projects are being implemented by a number of works departments with the completion dates ranging from early 1998 to 2008 to tie in with the completion of various housing development sites. The total cost of the projects is expected to exceed $110 billions.

4.Further requirements for district infrastructure arising from:-

    · re-zoning or change in land use of a large area; and
    · cumulative demand of a number of housing developments, whether due to re-development, increase in development intensity or re-zoning,

are looked into as part of regional studies to identify strategic growth areas. The subjects examined will, inter alia, include environmental protection, drainage, sewage treatment, water supplies and transport. The findings of the studies may result in the addition of new projects to the Programme.

5.As to the review of Public Works procedures and practices, this is again a continuing process. We have already promulgated a technical circular for parallel actions under the Town Planning Ordinance and the Foreshore and Sea-bed (Reclamations) Ordinance to facilitate early start of reclamation projects. We shall soon promulgate a joint Works Bureau and Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau technical circular on fast tracked procedures for expediting housing-related infrastructure projects in the Public Works Programme to facilitate

    · early start of detailed design; and
    · early tendering of contracts

without compromising the statutory and consultative aspects of these projects.


6.Works Bureau will continue to work together with other bureaux, departments and public utilities to facilitate the various studies (whether strategic or district) to accurately assess the aggregate demands for infrastructural support to match the housing targets. The Bureau will also closely monitor the progress of projects already identified as housing-related.

Works Bureau
9 March 1998