Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Information Policy

Meeting on Friday, 23 January 1998


The purpose of this paper is to brief members on the latest development on the implementation of the recommendations of a Review of Government Information Structure commissioned in late 1994 by the Chief Secretary.


2. In February 1996, ISD briefed the then LegCo Panel on Information Policy on the implementation of the recommendations of the above Review Report (LegCo. Paper No. PL 701/95-96), which included :

  1. In early October 1995, DIS moved to the Secretariat to head the new PR machinery. The DIC post lapsed. The AIC post was retained but re-titled Press Secretary to CS and FS.

  2. DIS is assisted by AD(PR) who also stationed in Secretariat to co-ordinate operational matters. She supervises and manages the six SPO teams, and gives professional guidance to the departmental information units (DUs).

  3. The DD(Overseas) post was reinstated. This officer has also taken over the Administration Division of the department.

  4. The other DD, retitled DD(PR), is responsible for all local operational matters, including PR, News, Media Research, Publicity and upcoming major projects.

  5. The set-up in Government House remains unchanged. The IC continues to operate from GH as the Governor's spokesman and press secretary.

  6. Steps are being taken to centralise outposted designers and photographers in GIS HQs for more effective deployment of resources.

Latest Development

3. On 1 April 1997, ISD has formally taken over the establishment of the former IC's Office and DIS became the head of the amalgamated information machinery. In parallel, the department has formulated its Vision, Mission and Values statements as efforts continue to develop and promote proactive PR in the public service. The directorate structure of the ISD is no longer commensurate with the increased level and scope of responsibilities it is now entrusted with. It should be enhanced to ensure that the department can effectively and competently fulfil its key role in the formulation and execution of public relations (PR) strategy for all government bureaux/departments and re-affirm our message that Hong Kong will continue to, under the "one country, two systems" concept, prosper.

4. We propose to enhance the directorate structure by :

  1. upgrading the Director of Information Services (DIS) post from D5 to D6;

  2. creating an Administrative Officer Staff Grade B (AOSGB) (D3) post to provide a Press Secretary to the Chief Executive (CE), offset by the deletion of an Administrative Officer Staff Grade B1 (AOSGB1) (D4) post in the Government Secretariat : Offices of the CS&FS; and

  3. upgrading the Departmental Secretary (DS) post from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (MPS 45-49) to Principal Executive Officer (PEO) (D1).

5. A proposed structure of the directorate is at Annex A. Publicity formerly under DDIS (Public Relations) will be transferred to DDIS (Overseas) and in exchange, Administration Division will be under DDIS (Public Relations).

6. An ESC paper has been prepared and will be submitted to the Establishment Sub-Committee of Finance Committee for discussion and approval at the meeting to be held on 4 February 1998. A copy of the ESC paper EC (97-98) XX is enclosed for Members' information.

Home Affairs Bureau
Government Secretariat
January 1998