A brief report on the labour dispute involving the China Motor Bus Co. Ltd.


On 6 November 1997, the management of China Motor Bus Co. Ltd. (CMB) issued registered letters to 45 workshop workers informing them that they would be dismissed with effect from 11 November 1997. As a result, more than 100 CMB workers, together with representatives of the Motor Transport Workers General Union (CMB Branch)(the Union), gathered at the Chai Wan Depot on 8.11.97 to express their dissatisfaction. On 10.11.97, the Union discussed the issue with the management of CMB.

Concern of the Union and the employees

2.The Union representatives were concerned about the future employment of their members and the compensation package offered to the 45 dismissed workers. They asked the management to re-employ those who possess public bus driving licence to be bus drivers. They also demanded an ex-gratia payment for the dismissed.

3.On 12.11.97 the Union issued a notice to its members requesting all workshop employees to stop work on 14.11.97 and drivers to start driving duties at 10:00 a.m. that day.

Conciliation by the Labour Department

4.Since the outbreak of the dispute, the Labour Relations Service (LRS) of the Labour Department has been assisting both parties to resolve their problems. Through the conciliation efforts of the LRS, the two parties attended joint meetings on 12 & 13 November 1997.

5.At the second joint meeting held on 13.11.97, it was agreed that an ex-gratia payment at the rate of $1,700 for each year of service be paid to the dismissed workers. CMB also agreed to re-employ those who possess public bus driving licence as drivers. As a result of the agreement, the Union called off the industrial action planned for 14.11.97 and the dispute was amicably settled.

Labour Department
November 1997