Provisional Legislative Council

PLC Paper No. CB(2) 102

Ref. : CB2/PL/SE/1

Provisional Legislative Council
Panel on Security

Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday, 22 July 1997 at 9:00 am in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building

Members present :

Hon Mrs Selina CHOW, JP (Chairman)
Hon CHENG Kai-nam (Deputy Chairman)
Hon Allen LEE, JP
Hon Mrs Elsie TU, GBM
Hon CHEUNG Hon-chung
Hon HUI Yin-fat, JP
Hon Andrew WONG Wang-fat, JP
Hon Kennedy WONG Ying-ho
Hon Howard YOUNG, JP
Hon IP Kwok-him
Hon LAU Kong-wah
Hon Ambrose LAU Hon-chuen, JP
Dr Hon TANG Siu-tong, JP
Dr Hon LAW Cheung-kwok

Members absent :

Hon Henry WU
Hon MA Fung-kwok
Hon CHAN Choi-hi
Hon Bruce LIU Sing-lee
Hon KAN Fook-yee

Clerk in attendance :

Mrs Sharon TONG
Chief Assistant Secretary (2) 1

Staff in attendance :

Mrs Justina LAM
Assistant Secretary General 2

Miss Salumi CHAN
Senior Assistant Secretary (2) 1

Mr Paul WOO
Senior Assistant Secretary (2) 5

I.Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman
(Appendices I and IV to PLC Paper No. 65)

Mr Allen LEE was elected to preside at the election. Before calling for nominations for the chairmanship, he invited members to note the following :

  1. the procedure for election of chairman and deputy chairman of a Panel (Appendix IV to PLC Paper No. 65) ;

  2. Rule 77(6) of the Rules of Procedure - “A Member who is the chairman or deputy chairman of a Government advisory body in respect of matters which a Panel considers to be directly related to the terms of reference of the Panel shall not be the chairman or deputy chairman of the Panel.” ;

  3. the list of Government advisory bodies relevant to the Security Panel (Appendix I to PLC Paper No. 65) ; and

  4. Rule 77(7) of the Rules of Procedure - “A Member shall not be chairman or deputy chairman of more than one Panel at the same time.”.

2.Mrs Selina CHOW was elected chairman of the Panel. She took the chair and invited nominations for the deputy chairman. Mr CHENG Kai-nam was elected deputy chairman of the Panel.

II.Schedule of meetings for the session

3.Members agreed to the following meeting schedule of the Panel:

  1. Next meeting
    Friday, 25 July 1997, 4:30 p.m.

  2. Regular meetings from August 1997
    The 3rd Thursday of each month at 2:30 p.m.

4.The Chairman pointed out that special Panel meetings would be held to discuss urgent and important matters as and when necessary.

III.Items for discussion at the next meeting

5.Members agreed to discuss the following four items at the next meeting to be held on 25 July 1997 :

  1. Arrival of children from Mainland China who have the right of abode in Hong Kong under the Basic Law ;

  2. Administrative guidelines issued recently for the Police on the application of the concept of national security as defined in the Public Order (Amendment) Ordinance 1997 and the Societies (Amendment) Ordinance 1997 ;

  3. Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Police Force ; and

  4. The People ' s Liberation Army (PLA) stationed in Hong Kong - the liaison channel between the Administration and the PLA stationed in Hong Kong, and whether the vehicles of PLA stationed in Hong Kong would be exempted from inspection of the local enforcement authorities.

    (Post-meeting note : With the agreement of the Chairman, item (d) above would be deferred to the Panel meeting to be held in August.)

IV.Items for discussion at future meetings

6.Members agreed to discuss the following items at future Panel meetings :

  1. Follow-up on repatriation of Vietnamese migrants and resettlement of Vietnamese refugees ; and

  2. Progress on the issue of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Passports and the progress on visa-free access for HKSAR Passport holders. As a related issue, the position on the issue of British National (Overseas) Passports in Hong Kong might also be discussed.

V.Close of meeting

7.The meeting ended at 9:15 a.m.

Provisional Legislative Council Secretariat
23 July 1997