Election Meetings of Provisional Legislative Council Panels

Note for Chairman

Election of deputy chairman

  1. Members please take note of the election procedures and list of Government advisory bodies relevant to the Panel tabled at the meeting. A member who is the chairman or deputy chairman of a Government advisory body shall not be the chairman or deputy chairman of the Panel. A member shall not be chairman or deputy chairman of more than one panel at the same time.

  2. Please call for nominations for the deputy chairman and invite members to second the nomination.

  3. If there is only one nomination, please declare the nominee elected as deputy chairman.

  4. If there are two or more nominations:

    -Secretariat to distribute a ballot paper to each of the members present;

    -each member to put down the name of the nominee of his choice on the ballot paper;

    -Secretariat to collect and count the ballot papers;

    -please declare the nominee who receives the highest number of votes as deputy chairman;

    -if two or more nominees receive the same highest votes, please announce that lots will be drawn to decide the casting vote, and declare the result.

  1. Please invite the elected deputy chairman to take his seat beside the chairman.

Meeting schedule and agenda

  1. Please invite members to schedule regular meetings and determine the date and time for the next meeting.

  2. Members may wish to decide on items for the next meeting.

  3. Please consult members on the need to invite Government officials to brief members on the policy objectives of the relevant Bureau at the next meeting.