Bills Committee on
Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Bill 1999

Seventh meeting to be held on Thursday, 1 June 2000
at 4:30 pm in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Matters arising
  2. LC Paper No. CB(2)2150/99-00(01)-ALA's letter dated 22 May 2000 to the Administration (English version only) (attached)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)2150/99-00(02)-General powers of the Court of Appeal (attached)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)2150/99-00(03)-Quota of 4 admissions per year (attached)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)2150/99-00(04)-Update on number of students pursuing UK studies (English version only) (attached)

    LC Paper No. CB(2)2150/99-00(05)-12th draft CSAs relating to the Bill (attached)

  3. Meeting with the Hong Kong Bar Association
  4. LC Paper No. CB(2)2096/99-00(01)-Draft Barristers (Qualifications for Admission and Pupillage) Rules (issued)

Legislative Council Secretariat
30 May 2000