Council Meeting


Council meeting on 8.7.1998

Question No Raised by Subject
Q. 1 Hon James TOImproving the complaints against police systemO
Q. 2Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-taiOperation of the new airport in the event of typhoonsO
Q. 3Hon Howard YOUNGUnlicensed guesthousesO Q. 4 Hon Emily LAU Hong Kong people who have been denied issuance of Home Visit Permits O Q. 5 Hon TAM Yiu-chung Employment visa requirement in respect of immediate family members of foreigners working in Hong Kong O Q. 6 Hon SIN Chung-kai Regulation of securities companies O Q. 7 Hon NG Leung-sing Projected supply of public housing W Q. 8 Hon Fred LI Importation of live chickens into Hong Kong W Q. 9 Hon LEE Kai-ming Penalties imposed on contractors involved in jerry-building practices W Q. 10 Dr Hon TANG Siu-tong Termite problem in public housing estates W Q. 11 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung Measures to prevent students from being physically abused by teachers W Q. 12 Hon LEUNG Yiu-chung Companies engaged in industrial production that went bankrupt or closed down W Q. 13 Hon Christine LOH Issues concerning the Draft Central District (Extension) OZP W Q. 14 Hon Howard YOUNG The "millennium bug" W Q. 15 Ir Dr Hon HO Chung-tai Measures to ensure the provision of satisfactory service by New World Bus W Q. 16 Hon SIN Chung-kai Securities company clients applying for compensation under the Securities Compensation Fund W Q. 17 Hon Fred LI Ageing of the MTR system W Q. 18 Hon YEUNG Yiu-chung Assisting graduates from teacher education programmes in seeking employment W