Public Works Subcommittee Meeting to be held on Wednesday 21 October 1998 at 10:45 a.m. in Legislative Council Chamber in the Legislative Council Building

Item No.Subject
A. Items deferred from the meeting on 7 October 1998

1.PWSC(98-98)26Head 706 - Highways

561TH -- Widening of Tolo Highway between Island House interchange and Ma Liu Shui interchange

2.PWSC(98-99)27Head 706 - Highways

593TH -- Hiram's Highway improvement phase 3 : improvement between Nam Wai and Ho Chung and upgrading local access roads

3.PWSC(98-99)28Head 706 - Highways

721TH --Widening of Yuen Long Highway between Lam Tei and Shap Pat Heung Interchange

4.PWSC(98-99)23Head 709 - Waterworks

86WC -- Water supply to Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po - remaining works

B. New Items

5.PWSC(98-99)33Head 706 - Highways

125TB --Pedestrian subway at junction of Kowloon Park Drive and Peking Road

6.PWSC(98-99)29Head 711 - Housing

642TH --Improvement to Island Eastern Corridor section between North Point interchange and Sai Wan Ho - consultants' fees and site investigations

7.PWSC(98-99)30Head 711 - Housing

212WF --Transfer facilities from Butterfly Valley primary service reservoir to secondary service reservoirs in the metropolitan area - stage 1

8.PWSC(98-99)31Head 707 - New Towns and Urban Area Development

476CL --Formation and servicing in area 36, Fanling