House Committee of the Legislative Council
34th meeting on 4 June 1999


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the 33rd meeting held on 28 May 1999

  2. (LC Paper No. CB(2) 2165/98-99)

  3. Matters arising

    1. Report by the Chairman on his meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration

    2. Banking (Amendment) Bill 1999
      (Letter from Hon SIN Chung-kai dated 29 May 1999 attached)

  4. Business arising from previous Council meetings

    1. Legal Service Division's report on bills referred to the House Committee in accordance with Rule 54(4)

      Volunteer and Naval Volunteer Pensions (Amendment) Bill 1999
      (LC Paper No. LS 201/98-99)

    2. Legal Service Division's report on subsidiary legislation tabled in Council on 2 June 1999 (gazetted on 28 May 1999)
      (LC Paper No. LS 197/98-99)

  5. Further report by the Legal Service Division on outstanding bills

  6. Adaptation of Laws (No. 7) Bill 1999
    (LC Paper No. LS 203/98-99)

  7. Further business for the Council meeting on 9 June 1999

  8. Questions
    (LC Paper No. CB(3) 1696/98-99)

  9. Business for the Council meeting on 16 June 1999

    1. Questions
      (LC Paper No. CB(3) 1697/98-99)

    2. Bills - First and Second Readings

      1. Import and Export (Amendment) Bill 1999

      2. Protection of Non-Government Certificates of Origin (Amendment) Bill 1999

      3. Adaptation of Laws (No. 16) Bill 1999

      4. Occupational Retirement Schemes (Amendment) Bill 1999

    3. Bills - resumption of debate on Second Reading, Committee Stage and Third Reading

      1. Labour Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 1999

      2. Adaptation of Laws (No. 13) Bill 1998

      3. Adaptation of Laws (No. 15) Bill 1998

      4. Roads and Tunnels Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 1999

    4. Government motion

      Resolution under section 23(3) of the Road Traffic Ordinance (Cap. 374) - to be moved by the Secretary for Transport
      (LC Paper No. LS 195/98-99)

    5. Members' motions

      1. Motion on "Excess tariff collected by the CLP"

        The above motion to be moved by Hon LEE Cheuk-yan.

      2. Motion on "Facilitating the financial industry"

        The above motion to be moved by Hon Bernard CHAN. Draft wording of the motion attached.

  10. Reports

    1. Position report on Bills Committees/subcommittees
      (LC Paper No. CB(2) 2176/98-99)

    2. Report of the Bills Committee on Companies (Amendment) Bill 1999
      (LC Paper No. CB(1) 1420/98-99)

    3. Report of the Administration of Justice and Legal Services Panel on Small Claims Tribunal (Amendment) Bill 1999
      (LC Paper No. CB(2) 2180/98-99)

    4. Report of the Bills Committee on Chinese Medicine Bill
      (LC Paper No. CB(2) 2179/98-99)

  11. Proposed emergency meeting to discuss the impact of the report released by Christopher Cox, a US Congressman, on Hong Kong and the follow-up actions to be taken

  12. (Letter from Prof Hon NG Ching-fai and Hon CHOY So-yuk dated 31 May 1999 attached)

  13. Any other business

  14. Early Circulation of Wording of Amendments to Motion Debates
    (Letter from Hon Martin LEE dated 2 June 1999 attached)

Legislative Council Secretariat
2 June 1999